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We really important that you feel good 0-24 hours a day in the hotel thermal spray.
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Rheumatology specialist test

The scope of business practice specializing in internal medicine and rheumatology outpatient supply. We provide the patients with regional medical diagnostic surgery, rheumatology and Outpatient level.
Dr. Zoltan Palotai specialist reumatalógus
We have the most Hungarian rheumatology practice accepted and scientifically supported treatment balneo-fizikotherapiás perform.

Internal diseases are primarily cardiovascular and heart diseases and hypertension, stress and treatment of diseases psychosomaticus have more experience, in addition to general medical disorders.

Within the rheumatology primarily in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases we have experience in:

inflammatory joint and spine diseases (RA SPA)
connective tissue disorders, soft tissue rheumatism
clay replacement of diseases, joint problems (arthritis)
degenerative joint and spine diseases (artrosis, Spondilosis, discopathy, herniated disc)

In 25 years of professional experience and a well-equipped medical department to guarantee that you return home refreshed and healed.

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In the preparation of complex therapies always try to apply personalized therapies because they lead to results in the most effective and shortest time possible.
The primary objective is to eliminate the cause or causes of the disease, preventing the deterioration of health, improve the quality of life.

Balneology, hydrotherapy

Rheumatology specialist examinations and treatments in Hotel Napsugár
Medicinal mud baths in the Hotel Napsugar

The balneology healing waters of the spa and the effects of the application of science. When ordinary bathe in water, its factors (pressure, temperature, buoyancy) between the organism.

These trends were "power" exploited water therapy, also known as hydrotherapy. In the case of the healing waters of the effects identified above supplemented by the healing effects of water dissolved substances can be found.

It is not just the only medication used for treatment of water, but mud, drinking horn, the physiotherapy and dietary treatment (diet) is also used.

These also contribute to changes in the environment, the climate and the psychological impacts. The combined use of therapeutic factors listed using the physiotherapy name as well.

Balneoterapi preventable, treatable most common complaints

degenerative spine and joint disorders, gout
intervertebral disk disease
development and maintenance musculoskeletal disorders
soft tissue rheumatism
some gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases
chronic low back pain
Ankylosing Spondylitis
upper respiratory tract disorders
accidents and aftercare following bone and joint surgery
In 25 years of professional experience and a well-equipped medical department to guarantee that you return home refreshed and healed.
Ask about our offer, please contact us:

Room rates include buffet breakfast.

The half-board meals (lunch and dinner) guests can enjoy restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Coupons are added, which is free to use in standing up for us regarding restaurants.

The restaurants can be found in the specialties of Hungarian cuisine, traditional and vegetarian dishes - so everyone can choose the appropriate menu to suit your taste.

Restaurants in the street: Hungarian Restaurant, Water Lily Restaurant, Anna Bella Restaurant, Siesta Restaurant.
The high thermal Restaurant parking: parking Tavern.
Egregy partner, than the wine: William cellar.

The world's largest biologically active, natural lake thanks Heviz year provides an opportunity to recharge your batteries. The continuous evaporation of water cleans the air, dust and allergens providing poor environment.

In 1992 received city status Heviz, first prize 'Flowery Hungary "movement, and the following year won second prize in Europe in 1997.

In 2003, the amount won Széchenyi thermal design contest in St. Andreas Hospital & Medical medicinal lake translated reconstruction of buildings. The result of the reconstruction of the spa buildings have been renovated and altered function of the recovery as well.

Winterized buildings in the middle of the lake removed from the dressing rooms to the south and on the western side entrances, so the pond in the middle of a 2,500-square-foot bathhouse was created.

A solid, transparent background is a four piece bathroom mirror. Thus emerged a bath space, which can be used in summer and winter guests. Also suitable for receptions, concerts arranged too.

The "IA" middle phase is complete spa building, guests were able to take into use from mid-March 2006. Children's pool and finished in the northern building was made available to guests in June 2006. During the "IIA" pace.

About thermal gyógykúráról, indications, contraindications

The thermal cure therapeutic indications for musculoskeletal disorders cover a wide spectrum: Preferred rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders, osteoporosis, degenerative (abrasion) spinal, joint diseases, ankylosing spondylitis, inflammatory joint diseases, chronic stages of injury and musculoskeletal surgery follow-up treatment as well as soft tissue rheumatism secondary joint diseases, chronic, peripheral nervous system associated with the mechanical of causes discomfort, pre- and after-treatment of articular surgery, after disc surgery, chronic, gynecological disease.

The treatments not only result in a momentary improvement, but for months and prevent the pain from returning so the spring cure the pain-free Christmas holiday treat rheumatism küszködőket.

However, it proposed non infectious diseases, malignancies, heart failure, circulatory disorders, thrombosis and other blood disorders, asthma, and hypertension in pregnancy.

Without medical advice it is recommended spending of up to 30 minutes, chronic gastroenteritis, digestive disorders and a mineral water drinking cure can be used.

The Hotel Services

We really important that you feel good 0-24 hours a day in the hotel thermal spray. Learn about our services.
Front desk (0-24): the thermal Sunshine Hotel will host all day for your help, 0-24 hours. Please contact our staff receptionist with confidence.

WiFi Internet: wireless, free internet access throughout the thermal Sunshine Hotel - room, community room are everywhere.

Safe: One of the basic conditions for a carefree, worry-free stay, our values ​​so that we can be safe. The hotel offers safety deposit boxes available at the reception free of charge for all our guests.

Lockable parking:

Breakfast Buffet: third floor of the hotel, 7:00 am - 10: 00.

Board meal (lunch, dinner) are free to choose the coupons provided by us against the following thermal restaurants Hungarian specialties, or traditional and vegetarian catches: Hungarian Restaurant, Water Lily Restaurant, Anna Bella Restaurant, Siesta Restaurant, Trolley Tavern, William cellar.

Drink bar: The hotel is located on the ground floor, is open daily from 7:00 - 22: 00. A taste of selection: beer, quality wine, spirits, soft drinks and coffees.

Sauna: The sauna after a 1-hour appointment graduated fees may apply.

Bike rental:
Car hire:
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