Heviz springs of life


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Héviz - a gyógyító forrás

Thermal water, the city of four seasons

The world's largest biologically active, natural gyógytavának thanks Heviz year provides an opportunity to recharge your batteries. The continuous evaporation of water cleans the air, dust and allergens providing poor environment.
In 1992 received city status Heviz, first prize 'Flowery Hungary "movement, and the following year won second prize in Europe in 1997.

In 2003, the amount won Széchenyi thermal design contest in St. Andreas Hospital & Medical medicinal lake translated reconstruction of buildings. The result of the reconstruction of the spa buildings have been renovated and altered function of the recovery as well.

Winterized buildings in the middle of the lake removed from the dressing rooms to the south and on the western side entrances, so the pond in the middle of a 2,500-square-foot bathhouse was created.

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