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The thermal cure therapeutic indications for musculoskeletal disorders cover a wide spectrum: Preferred rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders, osteoporosis, degenerative (abrasion) spinal, joint diseases, ankylosing spondylitis, inflammatory joint diseases, chronic stages of injury and musculoskeletal surgery follow-up treatment as well as soft tissue rheumatism secondary joint diseases, chronic, peripheral nervous system associated with the mechanical of causes discomfort, pre- and after-treatment of articular surgery, after disc surgery, chronic, gynecological disease.

The treatments not only result in a momentary improvement, but for months and prevent the pain from returning so the spring cure the pain-free Christmas holiday treat rheumatism küszködőket.

However, it proposed non infectious diseases, malignancies, heart failure, circulatory disorders, thrombosis and other blood disorders, asthma, and hypertension in pregnancy.

Without medical advice it is recommended spending of up to 30 minutes, chronic gastroenteritis, digestive disorders and a mineral water drinking cure can be used.

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