The Hotel Napsugar contact: dt>

Address:8380, Hévíz, Tavirózsa u. 3

Phone: +36 83340472
Fax: +36 83343284 p> dd>

Details: dt>

Tax ID 10116948-2-41
Company registration number: 01-02-051524
Account number: 11749039 - 20013341 to 00000000 p> dd>

How to use the booking interface. dt>

The interest and offer three different ways.
1. Click on the menu on request. After filling out the form that appears sent. In a short time you get the offer to the specified e-mail address.
2. coordinate the details of your reservation by phone the receptionist colleagues.
3. In the left Reservation start filling out the fields. By clicking on the control menu that appears select the right offer.
The package bids, make sure that the number of nights you want to be equal to the number of nights offer, because only in this case, appears in price according to the price list.
If you enter different numbers, the reception of this request for amendment evaluate and modify the offer based on your needs.
On the next page you can enter the data required for payment. (Payment is made upon arrival at the reception.)
Within a short time of the offer and receive the confirmation on your e-mail address.


Thank you for choosing us. p> dd>

Contact: dt>

Book strong>
8380, Hévíz, Tavirózsa u. 3
Phone: +36 83340472

Tibor Molnar strong>
executive director
8380, Hévíz, Tavirózsa u. 3
Phone: +36 20 921 0756

István Somogyi strong>
Sales & Marketing
8380, Hévíz, Tavirózsa u. 3
Phone: +36 83340472
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